Prevent Water Damage This Summer in Four Simple Steps

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If you’ve been struggling with occasional or frequent water damage, we have some good news: there is a way out. Many homeowners are unwittingly making some mistakes that could be leading to flooding, and these mistakes are preventable with a little education. Plus, Bailey’s Superior Restoration is here to help you address any current flooding issues you have in your home. We offer first-class water damage restoration in Vineland, NJ, and we’ll restore your home to its former glory in no time.

Here are four easy steps to help you prevent water damage this summer.

Take stock of your water bill

Modern homes have an overwhelming amount of pipes snaking behind walls, under ceilings and through the basement. With so much to keep track of, and such a large percentage hidden out of sight, you could be experiencing water damage through leaking pipes right now without even knowing it. So, a good place to start is simply to check your water utility bill each month. If you notice unusual spikes in costs or usage, you might want to have a professional come in to take a look.

Get your gutters cleaned

Whether you clean your gutters yourself or hire an experienced company to do it for you, it’s important to keep your gutters in good shape year round. If you don’t routinely clean out dead leaves, twigs and sludge, you could be ushering water directly into your home, as your pipes will not properly conduct it away from the house. Before you know it, you could have water filling up your foundation or basement or seeping into your walls. Better to clean a few gutters now than to cope with extensive damage later on.

Plant smart

Speaking of leaves and the great outdoors, here are some other factors to be aware of in your flooding prevention plan: trees, shrubs and flowers. We all love a beautiful lawn and some bright flowerbeds, and you should absolutely have a great landscape if you want it! Just remember that some trees and plants (such as weeping willows or ivy) have wide spreading, fast growing roots, which can easily clog up things like pipes and sprinkler systems. Your water lines could incur damage from errant roots, so plan ahead so your most space-hogging garden varieties are away from the house.

Be kind to pipes

You can do your pipes a huge favor by following a couple of simple tips. First, try to use a drain snake as much as possible when you encounter a clog. Snakes are much less damaging than harsh chemicals, and you may find that they do a better job much of the time. True, it’s convenient to open a bottle and pour liquid down—but chemicals can also corrode pipes over time, leading to bursts and leaks.

Second, remember that grease is a powerful clogging agent, so pouring it down your kitchen sink is definitely something to avoid. Cutting the grease with dish soap may help a little bit, but it’s not worth the risk.

Sometimes flooding is unavoidable, and if the worst should happen, call Bailey’s Superior Restoration. We provide high quality water damage restoration in Vineland, NJ, and we’ll make sure your home is fully repaired right away.

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